Privacy Policy

The providers of this software take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We treat your data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations as well as with this data protection declaration and the data protection declaration of GEVAS software GmbH which can be found at

The app uses the Google Play Services to determine your position if they are available. The app transmits positions data to a central server in order to display suitable information for the current position and for the traffic applications. This position data is linked to a unique, randomly generated identification number in order to differentiate between parallel journeys. This number is automatically changed by the app at regular intervals (30 minutes) to exclude long-term traceability. This identification number does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about any personal data of the user.


Agreeing to the privacy policy, allows GEVAS software to collect and document information that the app automatically transmits. These are:

  • The positions data of the mobile device together with the above-mentioned identification number and the time of the request.
  • Statistical data of a trip, such as duration and length, are transmitted at regular intervals without reference to the user to generate anonymous statistics on the use of the app.
  • The screen resolution of the mobile device used to generate the map view for the mobile device.
  • The IP address used in the communication. This is only used in the communication layer and is not forwarded to other processes.

The documentation of this data is only used for the analysis of the program functions. The first minute of a trip is not documented. Exception: Recording or playback of a test drive manually triggered by the user for the purpose of error analysis.

The data are deleted after 7 days. Excluded are the anonymous statistics of usage of the app.


The positions data are stored in an anonymous form to serve the traffic management. The beginning and end of each trip are discarded beforehand, so that the actual beginning and end are no longer recognizable and the data is completely anonymized.

For traffic management purposes, this anonymised data can be passed on to the city or public operator in whose territory the data is generated.

Otherwise the data will not be passed on to third parties.

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